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I thought the team was courteous and friendly, prompt and clean.  I was very pleased with their service! 

- Jolene W.

Employment opportunities

Warehouse Coordinator (Full Time) Apply

Job Title:

Warehouse Coordinator


Pay Scale:

$12.00 - $20.00 per hour


Work Hours:

8:00-4:30pm, Monday through Friday- Hours may vary based on Company needs




Primary Job Function:

Maintain shop and yard in a clean and orderly fashion. Assist installers in loading and unloading vans.  Assist in pulling parts for jobs and restocking or returning parts.  Checking in new shipments from our distributors and putting away all stock orders. Picking up any parts required for same day jobs.  Maintain constant communication with the Project Managers. Maintain Stock inventory and negotiate pricing for purchases from Vendors. Keep all vehicles and trailer maintained and repaired.                                                                                                           


Reports to:

Installation Manager



Required Qualifications:

  • Insurable by Company insurance carrier
  • Valid drivers license
  • Willingness to invest time in training seminars and classes.
  • Follow directions as given, written and verbal
  • Basic safety knowledge of tools and surroundings.
  • Ability to operate forklift
  • Dress in a workman like manner
  • Unloading/Stocking supplies and Equipment
  • Unloading/Loading truck
  • Ability to fill out a daily timecard accurately
  • Be able to carry 100 pounds
  • DOT Certified - Health Card




Daily / Weekly Duties:

Daily Duties:

·         Arrive and be ready to start work at scheduled time.

·         Check maintenance schedule for the following day, and stage all filters needed

·         Coordinate pickup and delivery of parts as needed

·         Assist in Service and Install jobs as needed.

·         Check in parts and stock items following the “shop parts procedure” check list.               

·         Remove clutter and scrap from shop area and the sheet metal area.                            

·         Pick up all garbage from warehouse, yard and on building grounds.

·         Load and Unload trucks and trailers/vehicles

·         Wash any dirty laundry that comes through- notify the Install coordinator if any laundry items need to be replaced due to stains/holes/etc.

·         Work with Installation Manager and Office Manager to process returns and return to stock if necessary.

·         Clear snow as needed.  Mow yard as needed

·         Follow Lock up Procedure when shift is over

·         Give work and direction to students working part time in the warehouse



·         Fill out necessary paperwork to ensure time is distributed to the proper job/department

·         Fuel all vehicles that have ½ tank or less of fuel that are left here over night

·         Other duties as assigned.

·         Maintain Warehousing of company tools and equipment. Generate check out list and reconcile upon return.

·         Schedule maintenance and repairs on vehicles and trailers

·         Schedule and track all tool repairs and maintenance

·         Maintain and organize all inventory in an orderly fashion


Weekly Duties:

·         Monday’s- Order and maintain all inventory levels by 10:00 AM

·         Pull and stage parts within 24 hours of when list is given

·         Wash vehicles and trailers every other week or as needed and maintain log

·         Check oil and Anti-freeze levels on all Precise Vehicles left here over night and maintain log

·         Check Lights on trailers anytime it is hooked to a vehicle

·         Other duties as assigned


Performance Indicators:

Certain key business indicators that will measure the effectiveness of the Warehouse Coordinator. These include the following:

·         Organization of warehouse and yard

·         Appearance of Precise Vehicles and Trailers

·         Accuracy of parts pulled for jobs as well as stock items and returns put away

NEW! Installer Level 3Apply

HVAC Installer Level 3 - Journeyman
Pay Scale:  $20.00-$26.00 per hour
Work Hours:  7:00am-5:30om 4 days a week with a 30-minute lunch and overtime as needed. 
Primary Job Function: To install heating and air conditioning systems to company standards providing the customer with a high-quality experience. Supervise the work of other installers maintaining high quality and timely job performance.

Reports to:  Installation Manager/Foreman

  • Must have all Level 1 and 2 qualifications in addition to the following:
  • Level 3 tools
  • Proficient in installing round and rectangular duct
  • Able to measure ductwork and install all equipment accessories
  • Basic understanding of more complex sheet metal fittings
  • Can complete production homes unsupervised and on budget
  • Build basic sheet metal fittings
  • Braze line sets
  • Can complete simple low voltage connections on furnaces, air handlers and air conditioners Must be able to communicate well with supervisors, builders and other trades
  • Maintain builder and sub contractors’ relations
  • Ability to complete all necessary paperwork
  • Able to complete and follow through on change orders
  • DOT Certified Health Card
  • Able to supervise others
  • Must pass City of St. Cloud gas license test


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Duties:

  • Operate company vehicle daily
  • Follow instructions from supervisor and carry out in timely manner.
  • Supervise and be responsible for other installers
  • Report problems with company tools or vehicle promptly.
  • Work well with customers, co-workers and subcontractors
  • Work staggered schedule if required
  • Maintain professional relationship with builders
  • Run and work a job from start to finish
  • Maintain professional appearance and attitude at all times.
  • Run a job without supervision
  • Complete jobs within the labor budget
  • Complete all necessary paperwork, job packets, change orders, time cards
  • Train the basics to Level 1 & 2 Installers (includes planned training schedule)
  • 12 hours of job related training annually
  • Keep at least one level 1 or level 2 installer working efficiently
  • Other duties as assigned


Performance Indicators:

Certain key business indicators that will measure the effectiveness of the Installer Level 3. These include the following:

  • Timeliness of work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Level of demonstrated desire to learn
  • Level to which dress code is adhered
  • Properly completed paperwork
  • Level to which company procedures are adhered to
  • Number of on time arrivals
  • Ability to follow direction
  • Level to which safety policy is adhered to


Level 3 Training Outline:

  • Learn job layout
  • Understand basis ductwork installation… round and rectangular duct
  • Basic understanding of more complex sheet metal fittings…able to measure transitions
  • Able to install accessories
  • Must be able to communicate well with homeowners and other trades
  • Advanced low voltage wiring (heat pump, two stage a/c, zoning, thermostat programming and setup)
  • Unassisted equipment removal Ability to complete all necessary paperwork
  • Able to complete and follow through on job changes
  • Braze refrigeration lines
  • Ability to test line sets
  • Able to supervise others
  • Complete basic system change outs
  • Install garage heaters
  • Install mini-split systems