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Precise is the perfect name for this company.  Their staff is focused, neat, thorough, highly competent and friendly.  

- Bob and Susan Prout

Employment opportunities

Installation CoordinatorApply

Work hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm or 8:00 am – 5:00pm - Monday - Friday – Some weekends and overtime as needed.


Primary Job Function:   To manage the day to day Commercial and RNC scheduling operations, ensure that jobs are ready for installation. Company purchasing duties per the company’s purchasing procedures.  Responsible for the creation of department job files, contacting customers regarding scheduling issues, scheduling subcontractors and inspections.  Responsible for coordinating communication between installers, field supervisors, customers, vendors and the office.


Reports To: Install Manager


Daily, weekly, & monthly duties:

  1. Check paperwork and timecard from previous day’s job, notify project manager of any punch lists or uncompleted items.

  2. Create all job packets and complete all tasks on the checklist for Commercial and RNC jobs.

  3. Responsible for the schedule of all installers for commercial and RNC jobs

  4. Responsible for contacting contractors and customers regarding schedule

  5. Make copies of blue prints when needed

  6. Get the information for submittals and cut sheets

  7. Coordinate kick off meetings

  8. Pull permits as required

  9. Schedule and track inspections for permits

  10. Schedule subcontractors and issue corresponding purchase orders       

  11. Purchase special orders and materials

  12. Order parts list items requested by installers or project manager and order parts from staging parts form

  13. Track Purchase Orders and delivery dates for the purchases made by yourself, the sales person and project managers

  14. Enter dispatch in ESC for any work to be performed by the service department

  15. Schedule walk through’s and follow ups with customers

  16. Process close out items for commercial and RNC jobs on the job packet checklist such as rebates and warranties, and any additional close out items requested by project manager

  17. Email installers at noon and follow up with phone call by 2:00 PM for job status and any parts needed

  18. Send out following days’ schedule by 3:30 PM

  19. Oversee and participate in inventory count

  20. Assist in vehicle inventory

  21. Schedule install vehicles for maintenance and repairs

  22. Coordinate check out for tools, equipment and trailers

  23. Communicate agenda items for monthly meetings to coordinator of meetings and take notes during meeting

  24. Additional duties as assigned



    Performance Indicators: Certain key business indicators will measure the effectiveness of the Installation Coordinator.  These include the following:


  1. Timeliness in which new jobs are processed.

  2. The degree to which jobs are scheduled in timely manner

  3. The number of times that the installers paperwork is ready three days prior to installation

  4. Customer compliments/complaints related to the timeliness of return calls to customers

  5. Degree to which unproductive labor or lost time is minimized

  6. Quantity of rush orders, will calls as a result of poor planning

  7. Number of jobs held up due to material, equipment or fittings not ready.

NEW! Installer Level 3Apply

HVAC Installer Level 3 - Journeyman
Pay Scale:  $20.00-$26.00 per hour
Work Hours:  7:00am-5:30om 4 days a week with a 30-minute lunch and overtime as needed. 
Primary Job Function: To install heating and air conditioning systems to company standards providing the customer with a high-quality experience. Supervise the work of other installers maintaining high quality and timely job performance.

Reports to:  Installation Manager/Foreman

  • Must have all Level 1 and 2 qualifications in addition to the following:
  • Level 3 tools
  • Proficient in installing round and rectangular duct
  • Able to measure ductwork and install all equipment accessories
  • Basic understanding of more complex sheet metal fittings
  • Can complete production homes unsupervised and on budget
  • Build basic sheet metal fittings
  • Braze line sets
  • Can complete simple low voltage connections on furnaces, air handlers and air conditioners Must be able to communicate well with supervisors, builders and other trades
  • Maintain builder and sub contractors’ relations
  • Ability to complete all necessary paperwork
  • Able to complete and follow through on change orders
  • DOT Certified Health Card
  • Able to supervise others
  • Must pass City of St. Cloud gas license test


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Duties:

  • Operate company vehicle daily
  • Follow instructions from supervisor and carry out in timely manner.
  • Supervise and be responsible for other installers
  • Report problems with company tools or vehicle promptly.
  • Work well with customers, co-workers and subcontractors
  • Work staggered schedule if required
  • Maintain professional relationship with builders
  • Run and work a job from start to finish
  • Maintain professional appearance and attitude at all times.
  • Run a job without supervision
  • Complete jobs within the labor budget
  • Complete all necessary paperwork, job packets, change orders, time cards
  • Train the basics to Level 1 & 2 Installers (includes planned training schedule)
  • 12 hours of job related training annually
  • Keep at least one level 1 or level 2 installer working efficiently
  • Other duties as assigned


Performance Indicators:

Certain key business indicators that will measure the effectiveness of the Installer Level 3. These include the following:

  • Timeliness of work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Level of demonstrated desire to learn
  • Level to which dress code is adhered
  • Properly completed paperwork
  • Level to which company procedures are adhered to
  • Number of on time arrivals
  • Ability to follow direction
  • Level to which safety policy is adhered to


Level 3 Training Outline:

  • Learn job layout
  • Understand basis ductwork installation… round and rectangular duct
  • Basic understanding of more complex sheet metal fittings…able to measure transitions
  • Able to install accessories
  • Must be able to communicate well with homeowners and other trades
  • Advanced low voltage wiring (heat pump, two stage a/c, zoning, thermostat programming and setup)
  • Unassisted equipment removal Ability to complete all necessary paperwork
  • Able to complete and follow through on job changes
  • Braze refrigeration lines
  • Ability to test line sets
  • Able to supervise others
  • Complete basic system change outs
  • Install garage heaters
  • Install mini-split systems